The Mystery Spot Is Not Just Another Roadside Attraction


While everyone headed to Santa Cruz, Calif., for a getaway seems to make a bee-line for the boardwalk, tucked away in the city’s surrounding redwood forests is another unforgettable venue.

We’re referring to the Mystery Spot, an offbeat treasure that has drawn visitors since 1940 and is undoubtedly one of the American West’s most enigmatic enclaves. A so-called ‘gravitational anomaly,’ the venue plays tricks on the eyes and mind, with balls that roll uphill, skewed perspectives that can make a tall man look shorter than a child, and malfunctioning compasses and electronic tools.

Mystery Spot Car & Entrance 4x6 postcard

“I think what makes the Mystery Spot such a great, family fun experience is the knowledge the Tour Guides have,” says Rachel Miller, herself a tour guide supervisor for the attraction. “The tours are engaging, perplexing, and have a nice touch of humor thrown in as well. My favorite part of the tour would definitely be our cabin! Built in 1942, this cabin is unlike anything you’ve seen before, one you enter inside everyone stands at a 17 degree lean, which makes for some fantastic photos!”

The focus of the enigmatic activity is in a circular ‘area of effect’ that is about 150 feet in diameter, but the attractive setting also hosts hiking trails through towering redwoods, a dahlia garden, snack shop and even a cozy button shack where you can turn on-site pics into cool mementoes for only $5.00.


Group visits of all kinds are popular here, ranging from school field trips to teambuilding groups, and the Mystery Spot can even cater to groups with their snack shop given advance notice.

The Mystery Spot is only about a 15-minute drive north of downtown Santa Cruz. Visit their website for directions and more details.


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