Why Groups Should Care About Portland’s Newest Hotel

Hi-Lo Hotel

If you’ve been watching the Portland (Ore.) hotel scene over the past several years you probably know by now it’s been expanding explosively, just as the city’s drinking and dining landscape has taken off.

Hip and luxurious boutique properties have been at the heart of the Portland hotel renaissance, so it’s easy even for a cool property like the brand-new Hi-Lo Hotel to get lost in the shuffle. So why should groups and event planners start looking this property over rather than overlooking it?

Here are a few good reasons:

  • Launched by Marriott’s Autograph Collection, the new 120-room lodging blends comfortable luxury with the architecture of the 1910 Oregon Pioneer Building.
  • The property has a number of interesting meeting/function spaces to consider, ranging from The Draft (a cozy boardroom for about 12) to The Commons (just under 1,200 square feet of classy meeting space).
  • Killer craft cocktails at the Lo Bar or mouthwatering Mexican cuisine at the stylish Alto-Bajo restaurant, guided by the well-known Chip Barnes—formerly of Moto. Another nice touch is that the menu was developed in concert with acclaimed Oaxacan Chef Iliana de la Vega to add even more flair and authenticity.
  • Attendees will also enjoy details like the free Wi-Fi and in-room entertainment enhanced by Netflix and various apps.
  • A location in the heart of the city gives groups easy access to the best restaurants, attractions and business venues in Portland.

This is definitely a luxe property, so it’s probably not a perfect fit for every group or event. But for small to mid-size groups that have the freedom to splurge a little bit, it seems certain to be a big hit.


Also, while not really group-focused, the property was still offering a special ‘Exactly Like Nothing Else’ package as this article was being posted. The package includes a two-night stay and a meet-up with a top local designer to create customized clothing for the guest.

Marriott’s Autograph Collection launched about seven years ago and is on track to reach 200 hotels over the next five years.

(Photo Credit: William James Photography)

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